Vecka 48


Teams of two, share anyhow

For time
60-120 cal row
DB snatch
Box jumps
Toes to bar
60-120 cal row



Teams of three, share anyhow/hold/rest

AMRAP 12 min
20 Wall walks
40 DB deadlifts
*One team mate must hang for reps to count

Rest 2 min

AMRAP 12 min
20 Ball over shoulder
40 Air squats
*One team mate must hold handstand/plank for reps to count



Teams of two/four, together/share anyhow

For time (cap 30 min)
Worm deadlift
Worm clean
Worm squats
Worm push press
*12/24 Strict target burpees before each round



Teams of two, I go you go/share anyhow

AMRAP 9 min
8 Chest to bar pull-ups
8 Box jumps

rest 1 min

AMRAP 9 min
8 Toes to bar
8 DB Thrusters

rest 1 min

AMRAP 9 min*
8 Muscle-ups
18 Pistols
*share work anyhow



In teams of two, share anyhow:
AMRAP 25 min
100 Chest to bar
100 DB Thrusters
100 Toes to bar
100 2xDB Clean and jerks

In remaining time AMRAP
12 Chest to bar
12 DB Thrusters
12 Toes to bar
12 2xDB Cleans and Jerks
Share anyhow



EMOM 20 min
A) Wall balls
B) Row for cals
C) Burpees to plate
D) Rest
Work 1 min on each station then switch