Vecka 1

Tisdag 2:a

In teams of four:
100-75-50 (cap 24 min)
double-unders each, as a relay
front squats total
push presses total

rest 2 min

20-15-10 (cap 10 min)
Sync burpees
Sync air squats


Onsdag 3:e

Every 2 min for 10 min
3 Power cleans

In teams of three or four:
Each athlete performs 21-15-9 reps as a relay (cap 20 min):
Overhead squats
Toes to bars


Torsdag 4:e

EMOM 10 min
Even: L-sit or rope climbs
Odd: 1 set/30 sec Handstand

In teams of four:
42-30-18 (cap 15 min)
Ring dips or ring/bar muscle-ups
Partner deadlifts

*For gymnastics movement to count, DL-bar must be held by two team members

Fredag 5:e


In teams of four:
AMRAP 15 min

*Work in pairs, both must complete each round before the other pair starts. No sync is required.

In 12 min

4RM back squat*

*Everyone share the same bar, rack is allowed