WODs v.52

Måndag 25:e


EMOM 12 min
Odd: 4-8 Deadlifts
Even: 35-70 DU

In teams of two:
2 Rounds for time (cap 22 min)
20 Synced Db snatch
20 Synced OHSq (kb/db)
20 Synced Burpee over bar
20 Synced Deadlifts
20 Synced Pushups
20 Synced Kb/db-Swing
10 Shared Rope climbs

Tisdag 26:e


EMOM 12 min
Even: 1-4 Wall climbs
Odd: 30-40s Hollow position

3 rounds of
1 min Cal on AB
1 min Burpees
1 min DB thrusters
1 min Ring row
1 min D-ball over shoulder
1 min rest


Onsdag 27:e


EMOM 12 min
Odd: 4-8 Paused ring dips
Even: 4-8 Toes to bar

In teams of two or three:
For time (cap 18 min)
150 Wallball
100 Cleans
50 Chest to bar

Torsdag 28:e



Teams of three:
In 10 min
Find 3RM Front squat for each team member

AMRAP 20 min
Each athlete performs as a relay:
Burpee box jumps
Slamball squats



Fredag 29:e


EMOM 10 min
Odd: 4-8 One legged squats
Even: 4-8 Pull-ups

In teams of four, work in pairs:
AMRAP 15 min
50 deadlifts, partner holds deadlift
50 handstand push-ups, partner holds handstand