WODs v.30

Måndag 25:e

Warm up 10 min

In 15 min
Squat 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1
(Increase weight every set)




Muscle-up/chest to bar

(Pick the one with  movements you need to work more on)

Tisdag 26:e

Warm up 10 min

EMOM 10 min
1 set of HSPU/pull-ups/chest to bar/ring muscle-ups/toes to bar
(Pick whichever you need to work on most)

10 min AMRAP
5 Toes to bar
5 Push-ups
5 Boxjumps

At 10:00:
10 min AMRAP
8 Hang clean
8 Back squat (Start from ground)

Styrkelyft 17.15, marklyft

  1. Uppvärmning
  2. Upptrappning till 1RM
  3. 4×4 med 1sek paus strax över parallellt knät, på vägen upp
  4. TNG-mark 2×10
  5. Om tid finns: raka enbensmark med vikt (kettle/hantel/viktskiva)

Onsdag 27:e

Warm up 10 min

In 12 min
Build up to todays max in snatch + hang snatch

4 RFT:
20 Burpee box overs
15 Jumping get-ups (from shoulder blades touching the ground to jumping with locked out joints)
10 Oh squat

Torsdag 28:e

Warm up 10 min

In 15 min
3×500 m row
(do the first at a normal pace, 2nd at a fast pace and 3rd all out)

In teams of two, 2 RFT of:
400m wallballs (throw to eachother, no running with the ball. If the ball touches the ground, do 10 penalty burpees)
40 Toes to bar

Fredag 29:e

Warm up 10 min

1 set of max reps back squat at 50% 1RM

5 rounds of
800 m run
30 KB swings
30 pull-ups