WODs. v 15

Måndag 11:e

Warm up 10 min

In 10 min:
Complete one set of 15 Front squats, after which you drop the bar and immediately do 10 touch and go deadlifts

EMOM 10 min:
Odd: 5 strict pull-ups/ring rows with 1 sec pause at the top
Even: 30 sec headstand (wall or freestanding)

”Go TO Hell” (Carbon River Throwdown)
In teams of 3, AMRAP 7 min:
GTOH 50/35kg
For the reps to count, the other two do a supported handstand
(If there’s only two of you, do the handstand against a wall)

Styrkelyft 18.00, marklyft

  1. Plankor, hopp och studs
  2. Upptrappning till 1RM
  3. 6 set av 2 tunga marklyft
  4. 6 set av 2 st 1,5-reps-marklyft – här drar man först till knäna, sänker till botten igen och sedan görs ett vanligt lyft
  5. Om tid finns kvar: Raka marklyft, 2 set 20 reps med perfekt teknik, lätt vikt

Tisdag 12:e

Warm up 10 min

In teams of two, for 10 min:
Work your forward/backward roll, roll into box jump or jump into roll or roll into pistol

At 10:00:
AMQRAP (as many quality reps as possible)
3 skin the cat
5 Ring push up to 2 sec ring support
(1 person work, one rest)

At 20 min:
Use 12 min to each build up to today’s heavy double hang squat snatch with the same barbell

Onsdag 13:e

Warm up 10 min

Every 2 min for 10 min:
5 Squats + 5 HSPU

In teams of two:
100 hand release push-ups

10 cal Row
10 Push press
(One round each)

At 16 min, AMRAP ends and:
100 hand release push-ups
(for reps to count, one person must hang from rings/bar. If hanging is to hard, use bands or ring row hang)


  1. Warm up
  2. Build up to a medium heavy jerk behind the neck
  3. Build up to todays max in 3 consecutive clean and jerk singles
  4. 5 x 5 Front squat

Torsdag 14:e

Warm up 10 min

Every 2 min for 10 min:
Squat clean and 3 split jerk
(Work on efficient takedowns between reps)

In teams of two, 4 rounds of:
2 min max time Partner handstand (support eachother)
1 min max reps Alternating deadlift (1 each all the time)
2 min max reps Partner Wall ball shots
1 min rest


  1. Warm up
  2. Build up to a medium heavy snatch with pause at the knees
  3. Build up to today’s max snatch
  4. EMOM 9 min: 3 snatch pulls

Fredag 15:e

Warm up 10 min

Every 90 sec for 9 min:
3 Squats

10 min AMRAP:
20 T2b
30 DU

3 rounds of:
One set of max reps thrusters. When you fail to do a thruster, max reps of front squat (you cant drop the bar)
Rest 3 min