WODs v.8

Måndag 22:a

Warm up 10 min

EMOM 16 min:
Even: burpees (choose a number that makes you work at least 45-50 sec of the minute)
Uneven: 2 Clean and jerk

8 min AMRAP:
10 Toes to bar
10 Burpee boxjumps

At 8:00:
90 sec AMRAP
Thrusters (use a low weight you can keep a high pace with)

På styrkelyft:

Bänkpress, Upptrappning till 1RM

Tisdag 23:e

Warm up 10 min

EMOM 5 min:
2 Snatch
At 5:00:
E90sec for 6 min
1 Snatch
(Start low and work your way up to a daily heavy snatch without sacrificing form)

AMRAP 7 min:
6 Pull-ups
9 Box jumps
12 KB swings

Onsdag 24:e

Warm up 10 min

E90sec for 9 min:
3×2 pull-ups or chest to bar
(jump up and do two, times three. We’re working on efficient starts, don’t kip excessively when starting each set)

AMRAP 10 min:
5 Ring dips
12 Deadlift

På tyngdlyftningen:

A. Broomstick warm up
B. 4-5 x 4 drop snatch with an empty barbell
C. 3-4 x 4 full snatch from under knees with an empty barbell
D. Build to your max 3 consecutive snatches for the day
E. Every 90 sec for 9 min: 3 heavy snatch pulls

Torsdag 25:e

Warm up 10 min

E30sec for 7 min:
3 tng clean and jerks

Handrelease burpees
One arm KB swings
Shuttle runs (5m back and forth)

På tyngdlyftningen:

A. Broomstick warm up
B. 4-5 x tall cleans with an empty barbell (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhGbp1wp8Ls)
C. Build up to a heavy hang clean
D. Build up to today’s 1RM full clean
E. 3×3, 2×2, 3×1 Front squats. Start light and aim for heavy singles.

Fredag 26:e

Warm up and tactics


(Rest today if you plan on doing 16.1 tomorrow)